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Garlic Prawn


Model: Garlic Prawn

Type: Step Down Short Board for the Older Adult

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Waves: 2 – 6 ft

Fins: Thruster / 5 fin . F.C.S 2 , Futures

Tail Shape: Round / Square Tai

Bottom Contours: Single to double concave

Size Range: 5’10 – 6’8

This is 4D’s preferred “step down” model when transitioning from a larger board/mini mal, OR, is a great “step up” option for the surfer looking for more volume & stability as they get a bit older & wiser! Best described as the great “all rounder” for a range of Surfers and Surf Conditions, an increased rocker and narrower outline provide increased manoeuvrability particularly when surfing in more challenging surf conditions.

retro midland

Diamond Geezer

Model: Diamond Geezer

Type: Hybrid / Fish

Level: Beginner – Advanced.

Waves: 2 – 6 ft.

Fins: Thruster / 5 fin . F.C.S 2 , Futures

Tail Shape: Diamond Tail Flyer

Bottom Contours: Single to double concave, Super Flat Tail & Nose Rocker.

Size Range: 5’6 – 6’6

This is 4D’s “go to” board on days of smaller surf conditions, and has proven most popular amongst Gen Y, Older Adults, and the Bigger Guy wanting to ride shorter boards rather than a Mal. Packed with Volume the Diamond Geezer is a wave catching machine that will re-engage your youth and seriously increase your wave count!

Twin Fin

Twin Fin


Model: Twinny

Type: Small to Medium Wave performance fun board

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Waves: 2 – 6 ft.

Fins: F.C.S 2, Futures, Glassed Fins

Tail Shape: Swallow Tail

Bottom Contours: V Bottom

Size Range: 5’2” – 6’6”

4D’s twin fins have a long history dating back much longer than people would think. Although 4D’s focus in recent times has been performance shortboards, his Twin Fins have gone through multiple variations from Knee Boards through to the popular Fish, and now through to a performance Twin Fin which draws upon 4D’s experience in performance shortboards. 4D’s Twinny offers a huge amount of speed & drive yet still remains loose as you’d expect. And nothing looks as good as finishing off a Twinny with a great custom spray or tint, all 4D’s sprays are done on site by experienced spray painters such as Josh Dowling.