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kids groms

Hot Grom

Model: Hot Grom

Type: Beginner shortboard for Groms/Teens.

Level: Beginner to Good.

Waves: 2 – 5 ft.

Fins: Thruster. F.C.S 2, Futures .

Bottom Contour: Single – double.

Tail Shape: Rounded square.

Size Range: 5’2” – 6’2”

This board was developed by 4D as an Intro Board for the Grom getting their first ever surfboard (a Grom progressing from using Dad’s Board or a Second Hand Board). Fuller nose outline, with the flatter rocker, gives the board stability and increased wave catching ability. The narrow tail allows for the Grom to progress from straight line surfing to producing good turns on a wave. The Boards visual appearance mirrors that of the Sir Frothalot so the young Beginner Groms can get amongst the Surf and mix it with the more advanced surfers on most days & surf conditions.


Sir Frothalot

Model: Sir Frothalot.

Type: High performance shortboard for Groms/Teens.

Level: Good – Advanced.

Waves: 2 – 8 ft.

Fins: Thruster. F.C.S 2, Futures.

Tail Shape: Rounded square.

Size Range: 4’11” – 5’11”.

Inspired by the success of the Two Swords model, 4D developed a performance board specifically for Groms and the Sir Froth a Lot is the “go to” Board for most Groms from TEAM 4D. A nice even rocker throughout provides a smooth transition between turns with plenty of natural drive and a single to double concave bottom shape which really gets this board up and going.